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Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad

Law of Torts

Unlike so many other casebooks, this is not just a series of case extracts cut-and-pasted together with minimal editorial input. On the contrary, it provides both a helpful introduction to, and commentary on, each topic addressed. It also begins at the beginning — with a proper introduction to the common law: how and why it was created, its reasoning techniques, and the various purposes to which it is ostensibly put.

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This innovative casebook transforms the apparent chaos of the law of remedies into a comprehensible body of law by developing and applying a meaningful taxonomy of remedies. It avoids confusing labels and helps to unpack problems caused by ambiguous terminology, while both explaining the outcomes of past cases and pointing the way to solutions to new controversies.

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Products Liability

A clear and comprehensible guide to the often tempestuous background of products liability law, demonstrating how each doctrine relates to the political, economic, and historical context in which the law operates. Special attention is given to asbestos-related claims and defendants’ threats of impending bankruptcy, and to the complex issue of establishing causation.

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Innovative, Interactive, Accessible — and Easy to Carry!

Webby Books (a.k.a. web e-books) provide an innovative alternative to the somewhat stale format of legal casebooks. While the traditional law publishers’ idea of an e-book is often little more than a glorified PDF, Webby Books embrace modern technology and the internet by developing casebooks as interactive websites.

Webby Books are responsive, and so adjust in both appearance and functionality according to the size of the reader’s browser window. They can be read as easily on a ’phone or tablet as on a laptop or desktop PC or Mac.

To provide an optimum reading experience over longer periods, harsh contrasts between font and background colors have been avoided. In fact, the color scheme has been chosen to reduce eye-strain and to minimize any problems experienced by those with dyslexia.

The font has also been carefully chosen for comfortable reading.

Webby Books are fully accessible and compatible with screen-readers.

Tables & Diagrams

  • Concepts are explained with the aid of tables, flowcharts, and diagrams.
  • All diagrams re-size themselves automatically to fit the browser window with no loss of definition.
  • All diagrams can be enlarged almost infinitely.
  • All diagrams can be downloaded and printed as hard copies.
Elements of negligence flowchart

Interactive Features

Comment bubble

Comment Anywhere

  • Just highlight a word or phrase and hit the letter c to leave a comment right by the text on which you are commenting.
  • Comments do not obscure or distract from the text, but are accessible by clicking on a comment bubble at the end of each paragraph.
  • Respond to previous comments by clicking on the comment bubble.
  • Notification of every comment and response is sent to every reader.

Discussion Forum

  • Provides a place for asking and answering questions, and for talking about more general or topical issues.
  • Also useful for posting “housekeeping” matters relating to class.
  • Ability to include hyperlinks not just to external sources but also to specific paragraphs within the Webby Book itself.
  • Notification of every forum contribution is sent to every reader.

Fully Accessible

  • Fully compatible with screen-readers and keyboard navigation.
  • Dark mode available to avoid eye strain.
  • Grayscale available (particularly useful for those with certain types of color-blindness).
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Helpful Commentary

  • Unlike some casebooks, Webby Books are not just a mass of passages cut-and-pasted from law reports.
  • The core of every Webby Book is the author’s commentary.
  • Explains important themes, and ties doctrine and policy together.


  • Just highlight a word or phrase and hit the letter c to leave a comment.
  • Respond to previous comments by clicking on the relevant comment bubble.
  • Notification of every comment and response is sent to every reader.
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  • All references appear alongside the main text in the right-hand sidebar (or below the text on smaller devices).
  • References to both primary and secondary materials are hyperlinked to the appropriate source.
Table of Contents

Easy Navigation

  • Table of Contents is always in view.
  • Breadcrumbs mean you never get lost.
  • Click on arrows and hyperlinks to change page, or just swipe on touch-enabled devices.
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  • Almost every chapter includes at least one hypothetical.
  • Excellent for giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned.
  • Can be used as the basis of classroom discussion.


  • Glossary explanations are accompanied by pronunciations.
  • Especially useful for non-native English speakers, and also for those who prefer to hear someone else say a word before they themselves say it in class!

Print Pages and Diagrams

  • Every page, table, and chart can be printed out in hard copy for personal use.
  • There is no limit to the number of pages or diagrams that may be printed for personal use.
  • A fully-formatted PDF version can also be purchased.
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  • A multiple-choice quiz is available for every chapter.
  • Immediate, automatic grading on completion for formative assessment.
  • Useful for helping students to identify what they know and what they don't!


  • Highlight passages in the Webby Book in a color of your choice.
  • Only you can see these highlights.

Audio Book

  • Using the Chrome browser, a Webby Book can be set to read out the text like an audio book.
  • Makes it possible to study while driving!
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Sticky Notes

  • Add your own notes to any page in a Webby Book. They will appear only on the page to which they refer.
  • No-one else can see your notes.