Webby Books offer significant advantages to those involved in teaching the law.

Professors can annotate every Webby Book with their own comments.

Students and professors have the ability to interact over the material at any time.

It is simple to pinpoint the issue on which a student would like further clarification, because comments can be placed right next to the passage in question, while forum discussions and emails can hyperlink not just to specific pages but to specific paragraphs on each page.

Professors can choose to have their comments and annotations carried over into subsequent classes, thus saving a significant amount of preparation time.

There is no need to carry bulky books around, and little chance of students forgetting to bring a Webby Book because it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection — even a ’phone.

The always-accessible Table of Contents, together with hyperlinks both to Webby Book pages and to external sources, make it easy to find materials quickly. They also encourage students to read more deeply around the subject.

Inspection copies

Faculty at recognized law schools have the opportunity to become familiar with Webby Books by taking up our offer of a free 90-day subscription.

Just complete the form on this page, and select the appropriate option.

Adoption as class text

Please also use the same form if you decide to adopt a Webby Book as a class text.

We shall then set up a special edition that will be accessible only to yourself and your students.

Are you interested in becoming a Webby Books author?

If you are interested in writing a Webby Book, please also get in touch using the form on this page, and provide some details about your proposal. We can offer generous royalty agreements.

Please note that Webby Books are not just a means of publishing traditional content on the internet. In fact, publishing on the web enables Webby Books to utilize a number of special features, and we require any new Webby Book to adhere to the format we have established.

Accordingly, we expect any Webby Book manuscript to be accompanied by a significant number of visual aids, such as tables and flowcharts. You may also include audio files (and, in appropriate cases, videos) although neither of these is required. We are happy to discuss with you how these study aids should be prepared.

Each chapter should conclude with some questions on its subject-matter, so that they can be used as the basis of classroom discussions or for student essays. For most chapters, at least one question should be a hypothetical.

We also require both a set of multiple-choice questions for each chapter and a glossary.