Audio Book

  • Can be set to read out the text like an audio book.
  • Makes it possible to study while driving!

Fully Accessible

  • Fully WAI-ARIA compliant and compatible with screen-readers.
  • Facilities to change the color scheme (particularly useful for those with certain types of color-blindness) and font size.
  • Full support for accessible use of the spacebar and the tab, arrows, Enter, and Escape keys.

Optimized for Touch

  • Both the Menu and Table of Contents are optimized for use on touch screens.
  • Supports left- and right-swipe gestures to turn pages.
  • Double-tap to highlight a passage and leave a comment, or access the glossary just by touching the relevant words.

No Bulky Books!

  • No need to carry bulky, heavy books around!
  • Accessible from any device with an internet connection — even a ’phone.
  • No chance of losing a Webby Book, and little chance of forgetting to bring it with you.

Helpful Commentary

  • Unlike some casebooks, Webby Books are not just a mass of passages cut-and-pasted from law reports.
  • The core of every Webby Book is the author’s commentary.
  • Explains important themes, and ties doctrine and policy together.


  • Almost every chapter includes at least one hypothetical.
  • Excellent for giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned.
  • Can be used as the basis of classroom discussion.


  • Every chapter ends with a number of questions.
  • The questions address a broad mix of doctrinal and policy-oriented issues.
  • They also provide an excellent basis for classroom discussions.


  • A multiple-choice quiz is available for every chapter.
  • Immediate, automatic grading on completion.
  • Useful for helping students to identify what they know and what they don’t!

Sticky Notes

  • Add your own sticky notes.
  • Notes appear only on the page to which they refer.
  • Notes live in your browser, so no-else can see them.


  • All references appear alongside the main text in the right-hand sidebar (or below the text on smaller devices).
  • References to both primary and secondary materials are hyperlinked to the appropriate source.