Questions and Answers

The video below explains how to use a Webby Book. It is in ten short sections:

  • Part I: Welcome Page
  • Part II: Menu (at 00:34)
  • Part III: Tables & Charts (at 1:40)
  • Part IV: Main Text (at 2:57)
  • Part V: Turning the Page (at 4:10)
  • Part VI: Glossary (at 4:40)
  • Part VII: Comments (at 5:26)
  • Part VIII: Private Annotations and Highlighting (at 6:45)
  • Part IX: Discussion Forum (at 7:00)
  • Part X: Quizzes (at 8:00)

If you still have questions, perhaps the following will help. If they do not provide you with the information for which you are searching, please contact us using the form provided.

How do I buy a Webby Book subscription?

Webby Book subscriptions can be purchased online using a credit or debit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

We do not accept payments by check or cash.

Is buying a Webby Book subscription secure?

Webby Book subscriptions are purchased online using a credit or debit card. Every transaction is encrypted for security, and you will see the padlock in your browser's URL bar to confirm this.

For added security, neither stores nor has access to your credit or debit card details, which are handled entirely by our payment processor.

Do I need any special software or hardware to use a Webby Book?

Webby Books are designed to work like regular websites. They have no special requirements. This means that Webby Books can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, irrespective of your location, hardware, operating system, or browser.

I am dyslexic and find it hard to read online. Will I be able to read a Webby Book?

The default fonts and font sizes used in Webby Books have been chosen for their readability. We also purposely use a colored background in order (a) to avoid eye strain for anyone reading a Webby Book for extended periods, and (b) to improve the reading experience for anyone with dyslexia.

What are the differences between the three plans?

Apart from the obvious distinction that the 12 Months plan provides access to the Webby Book for longer than the 5 Months plan, there are no differences between those two types of subscription.

The difference between both of those options on the one hand and the Class Text option on the other is that the latter is tied to a specific class in law school. This enables the class professor to annotate the Webby Book with his or her own comments for the benefit of his or her students, while the students can also participate in online class discussion. Only the professor and his or her students are permitted access to that particular copy of a Webby Book.

Is there somewhere I can discuss the Webby Book with my fellow readers?

Yes. If you have a Class Text subscription, you will be able to make comments in the Webby Book to which your professor and classmates will be able to respond. Likewise, your professor and classmates will be able to make comments to which you will be able to respond.

You will also be able to start and participate in broader discussions with your professor and classmates in the dedicated forum.

If you have subscribed to a 5 Months or 12 Months plan, you will still be able both to make and read comments and to participate in a forum. The only difference is that you will be sharing your comments with everyone else who has signed up for a 5 Months or 12 Months subscription.

How can I highlight passages or make notes in a Webby Book?

In order to highlight passages or make notes in a Webby Book, we recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera as your browser, and then add an appropriate extension. There are several such extensions from which to choose.

These extensions work by enabling you to highlight passages or write your own notes that then “stick” to the page to which they refer. When you move to another page, your highlights and sticky notes will then disappear (although you can instead set your notes to remain in view on the whole website if you prefer) but, whenever you return to the previous page, your highlights and sticky notes will still be there.

The advantage of using a browser extension for this function is that these highlights and sticky notes are stored in your own browser, so no-one else can read them.

Please note that is not affiliated in any way with any of these browser extensions. If you need help using any of them, you should contact the relevant developer.

If I make notes in my Webby Book, can anyone else see them?

No. Any notes you make in your Webby Book are stored in your own browser so no-one else can see them.

Can I download or print out a Webby Book?

Webby Books are designed to be used online. Just as you cannot download a website, you cannot download a Webby Book. However, just as you can print a web page, you can print any page of a Webby Book, provided that this is purely for your own use.

Subscribers who would like to obtain a “ready-made” PDF or print version of the Webby Book can purchase a PDF for an additional fee. The PDF version has essentially the same content as the current edition of the Webby Book, including the glossary, but references are not hyperlinked. The PDF version also comes with a full Table of Contents at the beginning.

When I attempt to log in, why do I sometimes get a warning of “wrong credentials”?

The most common reason for this warning is that you have entered the wrong combination of email address and password.

In addition, even if you use the correct email address and password combination, the Webby Book will generate this message if you are already logged in (whether on the same or another device), or if you make repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in.

In order to avoid these issues, please ensure that you have logged out of your Webby Book before attempting to log back in. Please use the Log Out button to ensure that you have successfully logged out. Simply browsing to another site or closing your browser will NOT log you out of a Webby Book.

If I have a problem using a Webby Book, what should I do?

If you experience a problem when using a Webby Book, then the first thing to try is simply to refresh the page. If that does not work, please check that you have a working internet connection and, if so, try using a different browser.

If the problem persists, then please report the issue by opening a ticket in our Support Center Help Desk.

When accessing the Support Center, you must use the same email address and password combination that you use to access the Webby Book. If you change your password at any time, you should use the new password to access the Support Center.

We normally respond to tickets within 48 hours. All responses to your ticket will be provided in the Help Desk. You will receive an email to let you know when a response is available.