Inaugural Publication

Law of Torts

We are delighted to announce the publication of the very first Webby Book, Law of Torts.

Written by the founder of, Dr. Tim Kaye, it showcases all the features that make Webby Books such an accessible and effective means of teaching and learning the law.

A full description of Law of Torts can be found hereClick this link to be taken to the relevant page., while an outline of all the features to be found in Webby Books is available on the Features page.


Unlike so may other e-books, Webby Books are not just glorified PDFs, but are designed from the ground up as free-standing websites. This means that they can make use of online technology to an extent that far surpasses anything that law books have provided hitherto.

They contain not just case well-chosen extracts, but also a helpful commentary with references that hyperlink to original sources. They are accompanied by numerous tables, diagrams and charts, which can be enlarged as each user desires without loss of definition.

Students and professors can annotate and highlight Webby Books as they wish. They can even leave and respond to comments next to any passage of text. A forum facilitates broader discussions, where the ability to hyperlink to any paragraph in the Webby Book can also be utilized.

Webby Books are optimized for both mobile and other touch-enabled devices, so they can be used literally wherever a user has an internet connection. The color scheme and fonts have been chosen to minimize eye-strain and to facilitate use by those with dyslexia.


If you are a Law Professor and are interested in adopting Law of Torts as your class text, please contact us using the form provided hereClick this link to be taken to the relevant page., and we will arrange for you to have access to a copy of the Webby Book so that you can peruse it to see if it would be a good fit for you.

If you decide that you would like to adopt the Webby Book, please use the same form to let us know. We can set this up very quickly, and require only a bare minimum of details from you.


If you are a law student and would like to use Law of Torts for your studies, please ask your professor if he or she will consider adopting the Webby Book as the class text. We can offer a significant price discount to students in such cases.

You can, of course, still subscribe to a copy of Law of Torts even if it is not adopted as your class text. Just sign up hereClick this link to be taken to the relevant page., choosing either the 5 Months’ or the 12 Months’ subscription.