Demonstration Video

Thanks to the outstanding work of Brandi Palmer (voiceover) and Stan Arthur (production), we now have a video that takes you through the main features of Webby Books.

The video is in ten short sections, as follows:

  • Part I: Welcome Page
  • Part II: Menu (at 00:34)
  • Part III: Tables & Charts (at 1:40)
  • Part IV: Main Text (at 2:57)
  • Part V: Turning the Page (at 4:10)
  • Part VI: Glossary (at 4:40)
  • Part VII: Comments (at 5:26)
  • Part VIII: Private Annotations and Highlighting (at 6:45)
  • Part IX: Discussion Forum (at 7:00)
  • Part X: Quizzes (at 8:00)