New Enhancements

We are pleased to announce several new enhancements to Webby Books:

  1. The Table of Contents in the left-hand margin is now smarter. Instead of just providing essentially the same list of links at all times, it now detects the current chapter and makes it immediately available for access. Of course, arrows and next/previous page links (and the ability to swipe left and right on touchscreens) continue to make it easy to turn the page.
  2. Tables and charts continue to open to full size if you click on them. But now, in addition, it is possible to zoom in on a specific part of a diagram just by moving your cursor over it without clicking. This is particularly useful if you want to focus on or highlight one particular aspect of a chart.
  3. It is now possible to obtain a hyperlink not just to a particular page but to a specific paragraph on that page. These hyperlinks can then be posted in notes, or included in comments, in the forum, or in emails. This facility makes cross-referencing a breeze when asking or answering questions, and also makes it possible to take pinpoint notes of precisely where in a Webby Book something was said.
  4. Similarly, email notifications about the posting of a new comment now include hyperlinks that take the recipient not just to the relevant page but direct to the paragraph on which the comment was made. Since comments already appear alongside the paragraph to which they relate, this makes it even easier to follow a discussion.